Thermal Imaging System

GSCI Advanced Photonics presents an elite lineup of thermal imaging systems engineered for uncompromising performance in dynamic operational environments. These cutting-edge systems cater to a diverse range of applications, including law enforcement, military operations, and civilian utilization, providing unparalleled high-resolution and high-sensitivity imaging capabilities.

At the core of GSCI Advanced Photonics’ thermal imaging systems lies advanced sensor technology, a defining attribute that ensures exceptional image clarity and intricate detail, even in challenging low-light or no-light conditions. By harnessing the power of these advanced sensors, our systems empower operators with enhanced visibility and situational awareness, bolstering their tactical advantage in critical operations. Furthermore, our systems integrate an array of advanced features meticulously designed to optimize user experience and operational effectiveness.

Engineered with ruggedness and reliability as paramount considerations, GSCI Advanced Photonics’ thermal imaging systems boast robust housing and components engineered to withstand the harshest environments and extreme temperatures. These battle-tested systems are purpose-built to endure the rigors of demanding missions, ensuring continuous operation when it matters most. In addition to their exceptional durability, our systems prioritize user-friendliness, incorporating intuitive controls and interfaces that enable seamless operation in the field. Operators can swiftly navigate and deploy the system’s capabilities, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in real-time scenarios.

TWS 6000

Supreme Grade Thermal Scopes


The TWS legacy has long been synonymous with unparalleled robustness, reliability, and technological superiority among professional thermal weapon sights in the market. As the evolution of excellence knows no bounds, the time has arrived to unveil the latest incarnation of this iconic system: the TWS-6000™-MOD Series, representing the epitome of technological advancement in the realm of professional thermal sights.

Unleash the Pinnacle of Technological Advancement: The TWS-6000™-MOD Series stands as a testament to cutting-edge innovation and uncompromising performance. This exceptional series elevates thermal weapon sights to unprecedented levels, transcending all previous benchmarks of excellence. Harnessing state-of-the-art advancements, the TWS-6000™-MOD Series showcases a plethora of pioneering features that redefine the boundaries of thermal sight capabilities. With unwavering focus on performance and reliability, this series embodies the culmination of technological mastery and the embodiment of perfection.

The Unmatched Advantage: The TWS-6000™-MOD Series empowers professionals with an unmatched advantage in the field. Experience enhanced target acquisition, unrivaled situational awareness, and precise target engagement, ensuring mission success in the most challenging operational environments.

Indomitable Performance, Unyielding Reliability: Built upon a foundation of unwavering dependability, the TWS-6000™-MOD Series exhibits robustness and reliability that withstand the rigors of demanding professional applications. Unleash the full potential of your weaponry with the confidence that your thermal sight will perform flawlessly, time and time again.

Experience the Unparalleled Power of the TWS-6000™-MOD Series, where cutting-edge technology converges with unrivaled performance to redefine excellence in professional thermal weapon sights.


Supreme Grade Thermal Clip-On Scopes


Forged from the legacy of the esteemed CTS series, renowned for its unrivaled robustness, reliability, and technological superiority among professional thermal clip-on sights, the TCS stands as the scion of excellence in the realm of tactical optics. As the relentless march of progress persists, the time has arrived to herald the arrival of the latest embodiment of this legendary system: the TCS-6000™-MOD Series, representing the pinnacle of technological advancement in professional thermal clip-on sights. The TCS-6000™-MOD Series pushes the boundaries of thermal clip-on sights, ushering in an era of unrivaled technological advancement. Embracing cutting-edge innovations, this series sets a new benchmark of excellence, exceeding all previous expectations.

Where Mastery Meets Tactical Dominance: The TCS-6000™-MOD Series combines mastery of technology with tactical dominance, empowering professionals with unparalleled performance capabilities. Experience unparalleled target acquisition, uncompromising situational awareness, and decisive target engagement, enabling successful mission outcomes in the most demanding operational environments.

Unyielding Performance, Unmatched Reliability: Built upon a foundation of unyielding reliability, the TCS-6000™-MOD Series exemplifies superior robustness and dependability. Withstanding the harshest conditions, this series ensures flawless performance, empowering you to harness the full potential of your weaponry with absolute confidence.

Embrace the Unparalleled Power of the TCS-6000™-MOD Series, where technological supremacy converges with unwavering performance to redefine excellence in professional thermal clip-on sights.

TI Gear -s

Precision Thermal Rifle Scopes


Introducing the TI-GEAR-S, a formidable thermal weapon sight meticulously crafted for professionals seeking precise aiming and engagement capabilities across medium and long distances. Engineered to excel with small and large-caliber rifles, as well as machine guns, this advanced sight stands as a pinnacle of excellence, empowering operators with unrivaled performance in single or repetitive shooting scenarios. Additionally, it serves as an indispensable tool for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

At the core of the TI-GEAR-S lies the latest generation sensor, a testament to GSCI’s unwavering commitment to technological advancement. Surrounding this cutting-edge sensor, GSCI’s proprietary hardware and software solutions coalesce to deliver unparalleled image quality, while bestowing unique tools that confer tactical advantages and ensure user safety.

Unyielding in its durability, the TI-GEAR-S is fully dust- and waterproof, surpassing the stringent standards set by modern MIL specifications. With unwavering reliability as its foundation, this thermal weapon sight thrives in the face of long-term, intensive use across any environment, be it challenging lighting conditions or harsh weather scenarios.

The TI-GEAR-S epitomizes GSCI’s dedication to providing professionals with a superlative thermal imaging weapon sight, redefining the parameters of excellence.


Long-Range Thermal Binoculars


Introducing the UNITEC-B, an elite thermal binocular system engineered to excel in a diverse range of applications, catering specifically to reconnaissance and tactical surveillance missions spanning medium- to long-range distances.

At the heart of each UNITEC-B lies a state-of-the-art silent sensor, representing the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology. Complemented by GSCI’s proprietary hardware and software solutions, this sensor harnesses unrivaled image quality, while bestowing unique tools that confer tactical superiority and guarantee user safety.

The UNITEC-B features a dual-AMOLED display system, showcasing a high-resolution AMOLED display for each individual eyepiece, eliminating any moving components. This design ensures seamless operation and allows for extended viewing periods without causing undue strain on the eyes.

Encased within a robust, full-aluminum enclosure, the UNITEC-B emerges as the consummate thermal imaging solution, specifically engineered to meet the exacting demands of day and night operations that necessitate exceptional long-range observation capabilities.

The UNITEC-B stands as a testament to GSCI’s unwavering commitment to equipping military and law enforcement professionals with an unparalleled thermal binocular system, renowned for its superior performance in the field. With uncompromising image quality and an unwavering focus on mission success, the UNITEC-B embodies the pinnacle of advanced thermal imaging technology.


Lightweight Thermal Goggles


Presenting the UNITEC-G, the epitome of thermal imaging goggle systems catering to a wide spectrum of customers. Equipped with a full-size ergonomic and tactile keypad, encased within a rugged hard-anodized aluminum body, and boasting exceptional optics, the UNITEC-G redefines real-life performance while setting new benchmarks in battery longevity.

Meticulously engineered with a fully waterproof design, complemented by precision machining and unparalleled build quality, the UNITEC-G Series stands as an unwavering testament to reliability and durability. From uninterrupted wildlife observation to unyielding perimeter security, and from reconnaissance to high-stakes tactical operations, these goggles leave no mission unaccomplished.

Designed for versatility, the UNITEC-G goggles can be effortlessly attached to a helmet, providing hands-free operational freedom. This integration ensures seamless maneuverability and enables swift transitions between critical tasks without compromising situational awareness or operational efficiency.

With the UNITEC-G, GSCI reaffirms its unwavering commitment to delivering thermal imaging solutions of unmatched caliber. Prepare to experience uncompromising performance, unparalleled clarity, and relentless dependability, empowering you to excel in any environment, around the clock.

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