GSCI – Advances Photonics


General Starlight Company Inc. is the leading Canadian manufacturer of electro-optical equipment, establishing itself at the forefront of the evolving Night Vision and Thermal Imaging industry. Since 1992, the brand has continuously offered the most advanced specifications and unique features found in the expansive field of low light electro-optics. These achievements have cemented the GSCI name within the international Military and Law-Enforcement markets by improving the effectiveness of government operatives in unfavorable visibility conditions.


This approach to product quality is unequivocally more important when the people that depend on your systems are Military and Law-Enforcement professionals. They emphasize quality and reliability – their equipment needs to support them for any operation, in any setting, because there is no room for error. Our devices are manufactured to reflect that philosophy: We offer an unmatched 7 year limited warranty, industry leading specifications with no limitations for thermal cores and intensifier tubes, made in Canada to ensure our high assembly and testing standards, all ITAR-free.

We’ve always focused all our attention to completely covering our niche within this industry, which is why GSCI is the only name you need to know when it comes to night vision and thermal imaging systems. Our clients get access to the widest range of high-end technical components and specification currently available.

International governments are increasingly reliant on thermal imaging technology as the backbone to national defense and security; this is where GSCI differentiates itself from the competition with unparalleled quality and technical capability. Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members to get full details on a variety of customization options to perfectly match your specific requirements – whether it’s for government procurement projects, business opportunities, or simply personal use.

Night Vision Systems
Advanced Detection Systems
Thermal Imaging Systems
Multi-Task Augmented Reality
Laser Rangefinders

For all information on all available models, their variants, their specific uses, available accessories and quotes, write to us privately at our email.